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ANC, not Guptas, the real problem delivering state capture


Details have just come to light to what extent state capture is ingrained in the DNA of the ANC, facilitating what happened with the Gupta family. It could also facilitate the development of a totalitarian state.

Two developments in recent days surrounding the African National Congress’ Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) clearly illustrate this South African reality, on both fronts.

It is also telling that, while President Jacob Zuma in recent times kept a decidedly low public profile, the one party political occasion he did attend, was the MKMVA’s three-day congress in Boksburg, on the East Rand.

It is at this congress that this sub-structure of the ANC adopted a resolution that its members should be used to guard not only the party, but also the country's national key points – something that is, beyond any shadow of doubt. a state responsibility ad task.

How muddled the thinking of the ANC, and its structures, has become in respect of the division between core responsibilities in different spheres of the state household, emerge when one considers the statement by the re-elected leader of this essentially military organisation to journalists, that “the conference's resolutions were mostly focused on security and radical economic transformation.”

There was no indication that the MKMVA intends to take-on these ‘guard duties’ on a purely voluntary, non-remunerated basis. Judged by revelations in recent times of the large-scale diversion of state funds, one does not need to be a cynic to wonder whether it is not just a cover to get funds diverted to this party structure. It might also be a way to create an income stream for its members.

And, remember, there has been of late some controversy about young people masquerading as members of MKMVA, which are clearly too young to qualify as ‘veterans.’

A faction of the MKMVA, which boycotted the conference, claimed that about 60% of the delegates were not bona fide MK military veterans. Some recent reports said MKMVA members present at the organisation’s demonstrations were as young as 30 and did not qualify as veterans.

Then, keep in mind the unhealthy levels of unemployment amongst the youth of the country.

This might also be just a symptom of the failure of government to get more economically productive job creation programmes and projects off the ground.

Even more dangerous mix

An even more dangerous mix between party political interest and state security functions, came to light recently with reports about a meeting between the acting National Police Commissioner and the MKMVA. At this meeting, it was reportedly agreed that president Jacob Zuma is under attack, and that a covert intelligence unit should be established to “assist in the build-up to the ANC’s December elective conference.”

It carries almost all the hallmarks of a totalitarian state, with those identified as intended targets of this unit being “members of the media, opposition parties and well as the non-governmental sector.”

And, just to blur the lines between state- and party political business further, President Zuma this week chose a normally mostly ceremonial occasion in normal diplomatic relationships between countries, to address domestic problems.

At the occasion of the of receiving the letters of credence from ambassadors and high commissioners at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria, from the likes of new diplomatic representatives of the UAE, Benin, Swaziland, the UK, Poland, Turkey and Jordan, he said that when in crisis: “We (South Africans) are committed to building an inclusive and resilient economy as envisioned in our national development plan (NDP).“

Clearly his domestic-, party political problems were foremost on President Zuma’s mind when addressing the representatives of foreign governments.

by Piet Coetzer

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