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We hope our first newsletter of 2017 finds you well. We are in the final phase of, as promised in the last newsletter of 2016, taking the concept of mobilising our subscriber and readership base as a distinct community, and taking it, for mutual benefit, to the next level.

A lot of hard work is presently taking place behind the scenes, but by the latest come February, we will formally launch our online Intelligence Community Board (ICB). In a fast-changing word, facing some stiff challenges on the front of economic structures, as we report elsewhere, our community can make a difference.

We have embraced the concept of social entrepreneurship and is offering our community an opportunity not only to get access to quality and innovative products at excellent prices. This also presents the opportunity to community members to grow the social entrepreneurial component of their own organisations or businesses through using the ICB and/or making a positive difference to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

How it will work

A select group of NGOs and charitable organisations are being invited to partner with the ICB in this social entrepreneurial initiative to generate income for themselves.

From the sale of each and every one of their quality and novel products, offered at reasonable prices on the ICB, these organisations will receive a portion of the income.

A list of participating organisations will be made available to buyers from which they can nominate the organisation that should receive the social good component of their purchase.

In the case of our opening offer from the Book Zone, which we will introduce within days, audio books will be  sold, R199 per book. The social good component of the price is R35, which will be transferred to the organisation of the purchaser’s choice.

If the purchaser does not indicate a preference, the R35 will be transferred to a central social good fund. At the end of each financial year, the money in the central fund will be equally divided between the partner organisations.

Our vision

To help create a generation of economically empowered citizens who will strive towards economic growth, self-sufficiency, and prosperity in a caring environment amid a global economy on the eve of what seems to be inevitable and fundamental structural changes.

Our mission

  • Together with our funding and professional network of strategic partners, to accomplish the establishment of social entrepreneurs’ business and academic infrastructures, resulting in a new generation of competent social entrepreneurs and educators, capable of supporting the aspirations of the people.
  • As a first target to generate an income of R100 000 per month for distribution to our NGO and charitable partners within the first six months.

The kick-off

We are in the process of discussions with identified potential partners, and will introduce them to our subscribers and readers as agreements are concluded.

But we’ve decided to kick off this initiative, in partnership with the experienced social entrepreneurship undertaking, Trader Store, which have secured three exclusive collections of brand new audio books.

These collections tell the aspiring entrepreneur exactly what is needed to get an own business off the ground. It brings the best and fastest selling audio books on the planet within easy reach on our community board.

Expect an announcement in this regard within the next few days.

Piet Coetzer, publishing editor

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