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Zumaland’s screwed-up moral foundations

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Two contrasting news events last week, glaringly laid bare the moral bankruptcy of   ANC governance under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma – be it of state or party.

Read together, the two events tells the following story: If you have a conscience and exercise it in conflict with of the perceived interest of the party, and its leader, retribution is immediate and swift. You get fired from any position of responsibility, intimidated, victimised, and ostracised, by colleagues.

 If, however, you are exposes on social media networks, and/or TV screens, for assault on two women in public, but is a member of President Zuma’s extended executive, and support network, the party leadership, even including the full national executive (cabinet) in session, look the other way – not even a temporary suspension is considered.

In this second case, the Deputy-minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana, remains in his job, according to the ANC’s national working committee, despite admitting to the assault of two women at the Cubana nightclub in Fourways, Johannesburg,

He is out on R5 000 bail with two charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in process.

Although he might be called to appear before the ANC’s disciplinary committee  at some future date, after last week’s cabinet meeting Ayanda Dollo, Minister of Communications, told a media briefing that cabinet did not discuss whether Deputy Minister Manana should be dismissed.

Asked whether cabinet condemned Magana’s actions‚ the minister said it would be “odd” for members of cabinet to discuss a colleague’s conduct while it was still the subject of a court case.

The other case

In the first case, that of Dr Makhosi Khoza who, in line with her conscience, publicly supported a no confidence motion in President Zuma, first had her fellow ANC members boycott a meeting of the public service and administration portfolio committee chaired by her.

Then, after receiving “a directive” from the ANC, the party’s chief whip, Jackson Mthembu, “relieved” her from being chairperson of the committee.

Dr Khoza’s disciplinary hearing on charges that she violated an ANC rule, will only take place in September

However, apparently if “accused” under ANC rules  punitive actions can immediately follow, but not in the case of charges of alleged transgressions under criminal law. You remain innocent until proven guilty.

We think this situation makes it clear that for the ANC, if a set of principles does not fit the outcome convenient for a given situation, they without a blink will just switch to another set. This in short is evidence of screwed-up moral foundations operated from in Zumaland.

by Piet Coetzer

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