Ordinary citizens must save country – government won't

Heinrich Kruger

Everybody – from academic giants, commentators, economists, politicians, journalists, down to virtually every individual in the street – has an opinion and advice for the government on how to save the ailing South African economy.

The common theme is that the government and the governing party, under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma and his ruling cabal, are largely to blame for our worsening predicament.

As I do not believe that pres Zuma and the ANC will follow any of these opinions or advice. They do not even follow their own policies and only lip service has been paid to transparent, honest government at many ANC forums and in parliament.

Therefore, my opinion and advice to save our country from the dire straits it is in, is rather aimed at ordinary fellow citizens.

As far as I am concerned there are no Asian, black, coloured or white South Africans. I only see red-blooded citizens and residents who are concerned about honestly earning their daily bread, giving their children an education on a par with internationally accepted standards, and growing old peacefully in a prosperous and safe environment.

My advice to them is, look around you. There are actually more good, well-intentioned, caring, sharing South Africans around us than not.

There are more South Africans that are starting to take the bull by the horns every day, starting to mend what is broken in our society by doing on a micro level what government in general, on all three levels of government, has apparently stopped doing on both micro and macro levels.

Will we stop the slide? No, not today or tomorrow, but we have a better chance to develop a positive do-it-yourself epidemic and even get to a tipping point if we ourselves pitch in, rather than just sit on our backsides and complain and do nothing.

Too often we all want to change the macro problems and urge government and others to do it on our behalf.

Start getting things going yourself on a micro level. Fill the pothole in your own street or on the road to your work. Use your specific expertise to help others around you at your children's school, in your community or on the street.

If you can change the life of one person per day with your caring, sharing and smiles, it will infect others to do the same and it will take on epidemic proportions.

Look around you, it is already happening. Join the groundswell of fellow red-blooded concerned South Africans who love this country and all its people and are reaching out to one another.

                                                                                                                                                                                   by Heinrich Kruger

(Heinrich Kruger is CEO and founder of Kruger International.)

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