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The subscribers to The Intelligence Bulletin constitute an exclusive group with a well above-average general profile. This made it possible for us to negotiate special short-term insurance deals for them – deals that are not available on the open market.

We’ve been looking for some time now for ways to reward our loyal readers and to assist us in delivering quality articles to help our readers understand the sometimes bewildering world we live in.

Such an opportunity has come along and you can now join an exclusive Insurance Club we have established, based on the top profile of our subscribers as a first step. We are working on more projects to bring special offers and opportunities to our subscribers and other readers.

But, first things first. Below, please find the background to our very first effort to, in a practical way, say “Thank You!”

Invitation to subscribers

Our subscribers are invited to join our Intelligence Insurance Club, established in association with Umcebo Insurance Brokers and Affinity Underwriting Managers, enabling subscribers to benefit from the joint general high quality profile of members. The club is being launched today with this edition of the Bulletin.

This arrangement for subscribers inhibits the risks for the insurer, the result being that they can offer premiums lower than those available anywhere else.

Although the Intelligence Insurance Club is not a defined so-called group insurance scheme, our products can offer much similar advantages because they are formulated for a well-defined group and can even improve on group insurance rates because the Club targets an elite group, focused on their short-term insurance needs.

The offer covers just about the full spectrum of short-term insurance needs that you might have and includes various cover alternatives that allow you to personalise and tailor your product to your needs and lifestyle.

Totally optional

However, we will always fully respect our subscribers’ privacy, and joining the club is an individual and personal decision. There will be no unsolicited marketing calls or emails. The database of our subscribers is and will remain our exclusive property – something we will always jealously guard.

We also understand that many of our subscribers are busy people, holding responsible positions and not all of them can get to their weekly Intelligence Bulletin every week. Therefore, they received a once-off introductory e-mail on Friday.

Only after you have indicated your interest in joining the Intelligence Insurance Club via the link provided, will you be contacted, and provided with a comprehensive quote.

  • If you are interested in joining the Club, click here.
  • If you want information/background, on the Club’s underwriters, Affinity Underwriting Managers click here.
by Piet Coetzer

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