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Share in Expanding world of E-commerce with us

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It has become possible for ordinary folk to become active, commission-earing members of the expanding e-commerce sector, receiving commission from product suppliers.

By introducing only thirty friends or contacts from your email address list, or social media network, effectively having helped to market this new revolutionary e-commerce app, you can:

  • Own a brand-new Mercedes C63 Cabriolet.
  • Earn as much as R 1.4 million in commission from product- and service suppliers within the next 4 to 6 months.
  • An on-going R 300 000 income plus per month.

As part of our own survival plan, The Intelligence Bulletin (IB) in association with South African Multi-Vendor e-Commerce Platform Fast & Funky is entering the world of e-commerce in a big way.

We have invested in a promoter’s licence from a new super e-commerce platform, Big Bang Bonanza, (BBB) which has pulled together big name global and local e-commerce platforms in a commission-paying network.

We invite you to download the BBB app for free, and you will be able to immediately enjoy the convenience of secure online shopping by becoming a BBB user.

This South African innovation is a “a world first” – a free mobile and desktop application that has been formulated to dominate the on-line shopping market that utilizes clever mobile technology to make it happen globally.

One-stop online shopping mall

The Big Bang Bonanza app is like having 100’s of app’s-in-one because consumers can shop at many different retailers all from the one app - and this list grows continually.

With Big Bang Rewards (Pty) Ltd, (Reg. No. 2017/204739/07) trading as Big Bang Bonanza CEO, Advocate Andre Strydom and a team of highly skilled, experienced and creative software and marketing specialists, has created a virtual one-stop online shopping mall.

Big Bang Bonanza already has commission agreements in place with giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and hundreds more making it possible for people to online buy anything from electronics, fashion ware to airtime, etc and book accommodation or flights, and always get the best deal. Very soon some of the best known every-day retailers in the county, from supermarkets to clothing stores will join the growing list.

Opportunity for passive income

Besides our invitation to download the BBB app for free, and once you have had a look at it, you can, like us, become an investor, and earn ongoing passive income.

For a limited time, you can also invest only R1 000 to gain a BBB Promoter’s licence.  

When you become a Promoter, you are assigned a unique number of your own, and earn a first level commission from each new Promoter you introduce to the app, a second level commission for each person they in turn introduce, and a third level commission on those introduced from that second level.

Each person who accepts the invitation to become a Promoter effectively creates a three-level commission earning structure of his/her own from those they themselves introduce.

Not the end of the good story

The really good news, however, is that this is not only a once-off income generator, but it effectively creates an online shop of your own, setting in motion an ongoing passive income stream from commission to your own benefit.

When the people linked to your network, created by your initial effort, use the BBB app to shop online, you also earn ongoing commission three levels deep on those purchases, like you did as a BBB promoter, i.e. 15%, 10% and 5% respectively on all that shopping.

 Example of how it works

If you successfully introduce only thirty people as Big Bang Bonanza Promoters, and they in turn only thirty of their own, the commission figures paid to you look as follow: R150 commission per direct introduction on the first line = R4 500; R100 per introduction on the second line (only thirty each again) = R90 000; R50 per introduction on the next line (only thirty each again) = R1 350 000 000.

Remember, these figures do not come from thin air but are underpinned by the real money people pay to become Promoters. The on-line shopping done through the numerous retailers on the app, results in an ongoing passive income for the Promoter.

Broad based economic inclusion

In essence, the Big Bang Bonanza app has given us a platform which creates an inclusive community based cooperation, which ploughs back commission-income from e-commerce activity on the platform to those who join the BBB promoters’ investment community.

And, the opportunity to share in the commission negotiated with suppliers of goods and services.

 Practical example

A Big Bang Promoter newsletter from 12 December 2017 tells the story of Thomas Ngunyama who became a BBB promoter nine days earlier:

1.    27 Registrations and 19 payments on his first level – R 2 850.00 earned!

2.    6 of his first level have brought a total of 26 payments on his second level – R2 600 earned!

3.    So far, 12 have joined on his third level bringing him a further R 600.00 earned!

So, Thomas has earned a total of R6 050.00 in less than ten days. 

And, as the online shopping on BBB takes off, those who have joined the BBB promoter’s network will earn passive commission income on the basis and formula explained above.

Some key questions

On the Big Bang Bonanza website most, if not all, the practical Questions you might have, are answered, but we though it prudent to highlight some of those that might immediately come to mind:

  • Is Big Bang a Pyramid Scheme?

No.  A Pyramid scheme provides an income structure based SOLELY upon the recruitment of new people and eventually becomes unsustainable. Big Bang provides ongoing commission income from other people’s actual online shopping!

  • Is Big Bang a Ponzi Scheme?

No.  A Ponzi Scheme falsifies its performance and pays old investors from the money received from new investors.

  • What do I receive when I become a Promoter?

For the once-off investment of R 1 000.00 you receive:

1.  Your own unique hyperlink.

2.  Your own personal dashboard.

  • When I share the app with foreigners do I earn in US Dollars?

Yes, and we will even pay you in your offshore account if you have one.

  • How do I know how much I am earning on my second and third levels?

Your personal Promoter dashboard displays all the transactions of all levels.

  • Are there any hidden costs or other fees in becoming a Big Bang Promoter?


  • If someone I share the app with does not join as a Big Bang Promoter do I still earn on their shopping?

Yes, you receive the commission on the shopping done by them in accordance with the following structure:

15% on your level 1.
10% on your level 2.

5% on your level 3.

More to come

Very shortly, Fast & Funky, a Multi-Vendor e-Commerce Platform will also come on board with a collection of downloadable products like audio books, software programmes, e-Books, music, educational courses etc.

And, BBB Promoters and IB subscribers will be able to use F&F as an own e-commerce platform to upload products for free. F&F will deal with all administration and the marketing of these products on an agreed commission structure.  

Again, we invite you to download the BBB app for free by just clicking here.

                                                                                                                                                                               by George Robinson

(This article is sponsored by Fast & Funky, in Co-operation with The Intelligence Bulletin. George Robinson is founder and owner of Fund Africa, and member of The Intelligence Bulletin team.)

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by George Robinson

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