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More people go missing in SA than many realise


If a family member goes missing, it can be a devastating experience, causing tremendous stress and trauma. The immediate questions are, what do you do and where do you go?

An attitude of “it will not happen to me” or “the odds are low of it happening to me” could be a very risky approach and delay efforts to find that missing loved one and minimise damage.

While we know that the first 48 hours are crucial in finding a missing person, People Search and Rescue (PSARU) provide members with immediate assistance via its Missing Assist service.  

Most people underestimate the risk of, especially, children going missing. Just consider the following statistics:

  • Every six hours a child goes missing in South Africa;
  • Close to 20% of children are never found; and
  • Gauteng and Western Cape have the highest abduction rate

That is why the Intelligence Insurance Club has included in the package offered to our members the Missing Assist service created by People Search and Rescue Unit (PSARU) and insurance brokers IBLS.

Product Description

Missing Assist is a 24-hour helpline support service created through a partnership between IBLS and PSARU to provide members with reaction services. Working hand in hand with the SAPS, the media and other partners, we ensure that policy holders not only receive immediate and professional assistance to track a lost child or other loved one, but also get trauma assistance. This product ensures that the most appropriate search and rescue service is dispatched for the best possible chance of quickly locating a missing person.

Product Benefits

  • 24-hour helpline support.
  • Trained counsellors assess calls and determine the best and most appropriate course of action. Members are not subjected to a waiting period before a missing person report is logged.
  • Members will receive assistance in notifying the South African Police Services (SAPS), and media houses. A missing person alert will also be issued through our existing social media networks.
  • We provide the member with access to a team of qualified investigators who specialise in locating missing persons. As part of our benefit, we will appoint an investigation team who will be dispatched.
  • Members are telephonically kept informed of the progress of the investigation.
  • Included in the benefit is access to telephonic trauma counselling during and after an incident. If necessary, the member may be referred to a face-to-face counsellor for further assistance.

Terms and Conditions

  • The service is only available within the borders of South Africa.
  • Each situation is assessed and the most appropriate course of action is followed. A search and rescue team will only be dispatched where the PSARU agent has determined that this is the best course of action to follow.
  • PSARU will not be held responsible for any claim or cost, should the missing person not be found; we will, however, do everything in our power to locate the missing person.
  • PSARU cannot guarantee the safe return of a missing person; we will, however, do everything in our power to find the missing person.

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