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Political Watch To understand ‘Ramaphoria,’ watch the process
Monday night’s cabinet announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa was just the first step in a process, with plenty more to come in the months ahead. One could easily become
27 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Constitutional Watch ANC’s inability to separate party and state still threatens democracy
South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC), glossed over the causes of what nearly degenerated into a political crisis following its momentary affray with former
27 Feb 2018
Southern Africa Watch Similar political dramas playing out in South Africa and Zimbabwe
In recent weeks there have been remarkable parallels between political events in South Africa and its northern neighbour Zimbabwe. The trend continues. In both South Africa and
22 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Zuma Watch South Africa’s coup d’état of a different kind
South Africa yesterday, amidst high political drama, effectively experienced a coup d’état of a different kind, with an arm of the security establishment also flexing
15 Feb 2018 - P. C.
South Africa Watch ANC is South Africa’s biggest source of fake news
It has become virtually impossible for the South African media to not disseminate fake news when reporting on the country’s political scene. Beset by factionalism, two
14 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Final Word Zuma receiving what his name predicts
Mr. Jacob Zuma as a proud traditionalist, should not be surprised that his own party wants him to resign as president – he was warned at birth. While much of Africa’s
13 Feb 2018 - P. C.
South Africa watch ANC in disarray, SA in dangerous spot
The chances that the ANC, and its alliance, will survive the Zuma era in one piece are fast diminishing. The when, and how of Mr. Jacob Zuma’s exit from the Presidency is,
07 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Let's Think South African opposition in a spot of bother
As the days when Jacob Zuma was the gift that kept on giving for opposition parties are ending, an uphill battle in the run-up to the 2019 election awaits those parties. At the
21 Jan 2018 - P. C.
Political Watch South Africa’s next transition in overdrive?
There are still some serious speed bumps ahead, but indications are that a next transition of South Africa to a modern, post-apartheid and post-liberation struggle democracy, has
17 Jan 2018 - P. C.
Ramaphosa Watch Those trying to decode Ramaphosa are getting it wrong
One thing about Cyril Ramaphosa South Africans can probably be sure of is they won’t know what he plans to do until it is done. During the Cold War, a new profession emerged
16 Jan 2018

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