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Security Watch State Security: Cabinet shuffle a chance missed?
Nine years of Zuma-administration has left the ministry of State Security in shambles, but will the new minister be up to the challenge? Under Jacob Zuma’s administration
27 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Cabinet Watch Positives of cabinet reshuffle tainted by Gupta connection
There were some real positives in President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle last week, but the Gupta fly also returned to spoil the ointment. With the wisdom of hindsight, it
27 Sep 2015 - P. C.
Political Watch Who is really calling the shots in ANC’s policy room?
Has the South African Communist Party (SACP) effectively hijacked the ANC government as policy uncertainty, especially economic policy, is becoming endemic amid questions about
16 Jun 2014 - P. C.
Political Analysis Red Trojan horse in the ANC’s policy room?
Against a background of mounting economic pressures on every front and with talk of “radical economic transformation” thick in the air, President Jacob Zuma last week
16 Jun 2014
Political Watch Jeff Radebe becomes a power to watch
While much attention was focused the past two weeks on what role new Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa would be given in the Zuma administration, few seem to have noticed the rise
08 Jun 2014 - S. T.
Final Word Hitch-hiking through the political landscape
During the mid-1960s, first as a national serviceman and a later student, I would often wave my thumb at passing cars on the open road – 'hitching' lifts for a weekend at
06 Jun 2014 - P. C.
Political Watch Economic uncertainty remains after cabinet appointments
None of the various economic policies and programmes initiated during President Jacob Zuma’s first term in office ever really got going. It had widely and keenly been hoped
30 May 2014 - S. T.
Political Watch Cabinet: It’s game-on over economic direction
Even before President Jacob Zuma announced the executive-team for his second term it was clear that it is game on in the battle for South Africa’s socio-economic policy
26 May 2014 - P. C.
Political Watch Factors that will guide Zuma’s choice of Cabinet
As one of his first second-term tasks as president, Mr Jacob Zuma this past weekend started deliberations with senior ANC colleagues about the composition of his new cabinet. His
12 May 2014 - S. T.
Post-election Watch Three crucial years lie ahead
More than by party manifestos or policy proposals and their merits or demerits, the run-up to South Africa’s 2014 election was dominated by the person of President Jacob
07 May 2014 - P. C.

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