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Final Word Is South Africa a “craptocracy”?
With the state the country’s supposed democracy presently finds itself in, South Africa might just have added a new word to the English vocabulary. One can create an almost
07 Apr 2017 - P. C.
Corruption Watch Anatomy of corruption – problem will not disappear with Zuma
 If President Jacob Zuma leaves office tomorrow, corruption will not slip out the back door with him. It is way too deeply interwoven with our political economy for
13 Feb 2016 - P. C.
Political Watch As Zuma’s sun sets, democracy shines
As evidence is mounting that the sun is setting over the Jacob Zuma era in South African politics, the health of its young democracy proves to be in much better shape than many
05 Feb 2016 - P. C.
Democracy Watch US presidential race highlights democracy’s global crisis
The 2016 election race for what Americans like to call “the leader of the free world” is turning into a scary ‘freak show’, exposing the global crisis
16 Jan 2016 - I. B. t.
Africa Watch Democracy in Africa enters 2016 under pressure
Despite African Union (AU) efforts and strong pro-democracy public opinion, a trend among African heads of state goes in the opposite direction.  Most African national
07 Jan 2016 - G. C.
Final Word Pirates has parliament at sixes and sevens
The South African parliament and especially its speaker are ‘at sixes and sevens’ about how to deal with opposition parties taking to the piratic tradition of
21 Nov 2014 - P. C.
Southern Africa Watch Democracy under threat in Southern Africa – Part two
In the second of our series on the subject we look at two elections scheduled for October 2014 in Mozambique and Botswana that will test the future of democracy in Southern
12 Oct 2014
Where does charity begin? Or when did charity begin at home?
A recent newspaper editorial, referring to vast business networks established by senior political leaders, claimed that this apparent attitude of 'charity begins at home', is a threat to our democracy.
09 Oct 2012 - P. C.

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