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Let's Think Multilingualism must be celebrated as a resource, not a problem
South Africa must be seen as a country for speakers of all its official languages rather than an English-only elite. February ought to be a joyful month for South African
22 Feb 2018
Property & Wealth Land restitution also adds value to mainstream market
The policy of land restitution to deal with past injustices is a very emotional issue, but at times it also adds a fresh layer of value to South Africa’s mainstream real
17 Oct 2015 - E. v. B.
Development Watch Fixation on agricultural land sees opportunities slip by
Both the debate and the political drive for land reform in South Africa remain fixated with agricultural land, largely to the exclusion of urban residential property ownership. In
14 Mar 2015 - P. C.
Development Watch SA’s 'good story' on poverty reduction with a bite
South Africa indeed has a ‘good story’ to tell about combating poverty, according to a new World Bank study that scores SA tops among emerging nations globally. But
09 Nov 2014 - P. C.
Development Watch Soweto’s development – an apartheid-time dream deferred
Premier David Makhura of the Gauteng government has a dream to turn the province’s erstwhile apartheid townships into centres contributing a 30% share to the provincial
24 Oct 2014 - P. C.
E-toll Watch – opinion Time for the e-toll debate to become real
The heated, often emotional, debate about e-tolling of 185 kilometres of freeway in Gauteng has been raging for the best part of three years now. Finally last weekend, from a
09 Oct 2014 - P. C.
Legal Watch - opinion New Act makes community service compulsory for law graduates
Twenty years since the dawn of our democracy, many South Africans remain marginalized and unable to reach their full potential due to a series of obstacles. Our constitutional
03 Oct 2014
Political Watch South Africa: Only a matter of time before the bomb explodes
“I can predict when SA’s "Tunisia Day" will arrive. Tunisia Day is when the masses rise against the powers that be, as happened recently in Tunisia.” These are
25 Sep 2014 - P. C.
Africa Watch US-Africa Leaders Summit carries high expectations
With most of Africa’s political and business leaders descending on Washington this week it will be fascinating to watch if the summit is going to deliver on all the
03 Aug 2014 - G. C.
Development Watch Forest about much more than just wood production
“It is time for forestry to shift perspective from trees to people. This will enable the development of the socio-economic benefits from forests to meet the growing demands
26 Jul 2014 - H. D.

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