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Disaster Watch Is the drought to end with a disastrous splash?
Judged by what is happening in other regions across the globe, southern Africa is in danger of its worst drought in 50 years ending in floods, with disastrous consequences in the
23 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Energy Watch SA nuclear build programme a disaster in the making
Plans by the South African Department of Energy to embark on an ambitious nuclear power building programme are flowing a similar path as the recent ill-fated change of visa
22 Aug 2015 - P. C.
Food Security The future of food: growing more on the same land
There are three main reasons why the productivity of existing farmland will need to increase dramatically in the next 40 years. The world’s population is unlikely to
02 May 2015
Energy Watch South Africa proves green buildings make economic sense
“Going green” with buildings has globally moved past the ‘fad phase’ and South Africa has taken the lead in proving it makes economic
06 Feb 2015 - S. T.
Food Security Have a bug on your plate
Imagine that instead of a conventional energy bar filled with soy protein and lots of sugar, you can munch on a healthier bar consisting mainly of flour produced from the insect
23 May 2014 - H. D.
Climate Watch “Adaptionists” get strong ally in climate change debate
One of the world’s most renowned meteorologists, Lennart Bengtsson, has thrown his weight in behind campaigners for an adapt to-, rather than fighting it, focus in the
21 May 2014 - P. C.
Food security needs paradigm shift Small-scale farmers have important role to play
Industrial farming methods are not providing sufficient affordable food where it is needed, while causing mounting and unsustainable environmental damage. What is needed is a
30 Sep 2013 - P. C.

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