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Global Watch The Trump movement won't end with Trump
After Marine Le Pen's defeat in the French presidential elections, many commentators have suggested that the rise of populism is stalling. Le Pen, and Geert Wilders before her in
12 May 2017
Global Watch Migration changing the face of Europe
The rescue of thousands of migrants at sea, on their way to Europe, over Easter again highlighted one of the biggest human tragedies of our time and changing the
23 Apr 2017 - G. C.
Global Watch Also for SA, Brexit could deliver a very different world
If Britain later this week in a referendum decides to leave the European Union it could, especially economically and strategically, and also for South Africa, leave behind a very
17 Jun 2016 - S. W.
Global Watch America’s Agitator: Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man
Donald Trump is the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement. Nothing would be more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than if he were to be elected
05 Feb 2016
Geopolitical Watch Pondering Hitler's Legacy
Mostly remembered for atrocities, Hitler’s real legacy included delivering the triumph of the US and its culture, distributed to Western Europe and in the Soviet bloc,
05 Sep 2015
Migration Watch Europe’s migration challenge in perspective
Mass migration to Europe has become a threat to relations between the members of the European Union (EU) and might impact on the union’s political and economic stability. In
21 Aug 2015 - G. C.
Global Watch Grexit: more than Greece and Europe at stake
The dream of a united Europe, like the mythical city of Atlantis, is fast disappearing among the Greek islands – and Greece might not be the biggest loser. At the time of
02 Jul 2015 - P. C.
Migrant Watch Can military action stop what military action started?
In trying to find a solution to the migrant problem, the EU is looking at limited military intervention, which could have unforeseen consequences. The European Union’s (EU)
21 May 2015 - G. C.
Global Watch The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe
The compromise reached between the European Central Bank (ECB) and Germany on implementing a programme of  "quantitative easing” has brought on a decisive moment for
23 Jan 2015
Global Watch - Full report The European Union, Nationalism and the Crisis of Europe
Last week, I wrote about the crisis of Islamic radicalism and the problem of European nationalism. This week's events give me the opportunity to address the question of European
23 Jan 2015

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