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Let's Think Water scarcity Cape Town a global wake-up call?
While Cape Town is seriously at risk to become the first major city in modern history to run out of drinking water, it is by far not the only one in the world. In fact, the
13 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Global Watch China steps into soft power vacuum as the US retreats under Trump
Under the Trump-administration the United States' global influence (soft power) is waning. China is filling the gap. Soft power is the ability of a country to shape other
09 Jan 2018
Africa Watch A year of illusions: five things we learnt about democracy in Africa in 2017
The last twelve months have been a confusing time for African democracy. We have seen coups that didn’t look like coups and elections that didn’t look like elections.
18 Dec 2017 - N. C.
Global Watch Global systemic crisis explode on South African stage
Whoever is elected at the end of this week as new leader of the governing ANC will not change the fact that a global systemic crisis has reached the country’s shores. While
11 Dec 2017 - I. B. T.
State Capture Guptas ‘poor cousins’ of real state capture by Russians
The haste with which the Zuma administration is attempting to lock South Africa into a mega nuclear power build programme should have the state capture alarm bells ringing louder
12 Nov 2017 - I. B. T.
Final word Farmers empire’s original colonisers
Colonialism has played a dominant role throughout the development of known history, lasting to this day, and it was all started by farmers. It started off millenniums ago with the
11 Nov 2017 - P. C.
Africa Watch Faulty GDP logic of Africa rising story
Until a few years ago, all financial institutions and investment banks were celebrating ‘Africa Rising’, in a symphony of compliments that should have cautioned any
04 Nov 2017
Global Watch Nationalism and self-preservation on the march in Europe
It happened with Donald Trump in the USA, and now in Austria. Globally there are indications of a major political shift, especially in European politics. Last week’s much
22 Oct 2017 - G. C.
Economic Watch Is classical capitalism reaching end of the road?
The debate on whether classical capitalism can retain its status as the world’s dominant economic system is gaining momentum. In an article under the headline Why capitalism
14 Oct 2017 - I. B. T.
Let's Think Is respectable journalism a vanishing art?
On two occasions during the recent 72nd session of the UN General Assembly the media failed to stand up to proper reporting standards, again underscoring what look like the
02 Oct 2017 - G. C. &. P. C.

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