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Constitutional Watch ANC’s inability to separate party and state still threatens democracy
South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC), glossed over the causes of what nearly degenerated into a political crisis following its momentary affray with former
27 Feb 2018
SA Governance - Opinion South Africa on verge of failed state status
Waiting ad infinitum last week for final word on President Zuma’s departure from office, Friday’s news, contained two hardly noticed items illustrating how close to
14 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Water Watch Cape Town’s water crisis: driven by politics more than drought
Cape Town, South Africa’s second most populous city, is hurtling towards “Day Zero”: the day taps run dry. This is expected in March. Cape Town is quite used to
14 Feb 2018
Let's Think Western Cape drought help expose constitutional weakness
The water crisis in Cape Town has become the latest event exposing a major fault line in the South African constitution. The disproportionate influence that the system of a
07 Feb 2018 - I. B. T.
Let's Think Cape Town heading for Symbaoe or Windhoek status?
Cape Town might become the first major modern city to die because of climate change, but will not be the first in history, or in Southern Africa. That ‘honour’ belongs
29 Jan 2018 - P. C.
Governance Watch Why it took so long to move on state capturers
At last SA’s prosecuting authorities moved in on alleged state capturers, but why has it taken so long? The Asset Forfeiture Unit of South Africa’s National
23 Jan 2018
Economic Watch South Africa’s growth tragedy
By the time 2017came round South Africa’s economic growth performance, which peaked at 4.4% ten years earlier, has dropped back to the type of growth experienced in the
15 Jan 2018 - I. B. T.
Corruption Watch Warning: Steinhoff scandal is ‘tip of iceberg
A corporate scandal unfolding around one of the largest businesses coming out of South Africa, Steinhoff, has become a major cause for concern. It threatens to wipe out
19 Dec 2017
Global Watch Global systemic crisis explode on South African stage
Whoever is elected at the end of this week as new leader of the governing ANC will not change the fact that a global systemic crisis has reached the country’s shores. While
11 Dec 2017 - I. B. T.
Corruption Watch South Africa’s not so secure state security service
Tightening applicable legislation, regulations, and procedures will only strengthen the fight against corruption and state capture if, and when law enforcers tighten-up their own
10 Dec 2017 - G. C.

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