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Final Word Guptas – from imperialists to emigrants
The now famous – or infamous – Guptas started out as Goppti in Sanskrit, meaning ‘protector’ or ‘governor,’ only to degenerate into a slang
27 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Governance Watch Why it took so long to move on state capturers
At last SA’s prosecuting authorities moved in on alleged state capturers, but why has it taken so long? The Asset Forfeiture Unit of South Africa’s National
23 Jan 2018
Zuma Watch Net closing on Zuma and Zupta network?
It all started with a wedding for which 200 plus friends and family landed with a private aircraft at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in April 2013. What South African’s
23 Jan 2018
Zuma Watch Zuptas the third force of neo-colonialism
President Zuma and his Zupta network of state captures has effectively become a third force of neo-colonialist forces targeting the country. This is the picture that emerges as
06 Nov 2017 - P. C.
Financial Sector SA Gupta drama, and more, threaten financial sector’s image
It might be just coincidences, but coming in a cluster, a good number of events in the South African financial sector might signal a challenging trend developing. Judged in
03 Sep 2017 - P. C.
Gupta Watch South Africa to remain Gupta milking cow
The Guptas will probably keep on milking the South African economy and its taxpayers for years to come. The structures and networks to do that, is coming into place as the ANC
27 Aug 2017 - I. B. T.
Final Word Where the Gupta laundromat comes from?
Last week’s news that the controversial Gupta family are “selling” their South African interest led many to theories of the motives behind it – one it
27 Aug 2017 - P. C.
Let's Think Guptas and Capitalism, not as Related as You Might Think
The Gupta scandal, preoccupying much of South African’s time, and outrage, is difficult enough to unravel without analysts, experts and others trying to score points by
10 Aug 2017 - C. H.
Corruption Watch Business must own up to its share in corruption scandals
The Gupta email leaks exposed the involvement of some big private the unfolding corruption scandal, challenging the private sector to do some introspection. South
06 Aug 2017
Final Word Freelancing and its bloody history despite PR
Lately the volatile South African political landscape has been awash with modern foreign soldiers of fortune, selling their skills to the highest bidder, creating a scene drowning
29 Jul 2017 - P. C.

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