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Economic Watch South Africa’s ‘RET’ racing down dead-end street
The politically loaded South African notion of ‘Radical Economic Transformation’ is fast on its way to nowhere, as terms like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economic
08 Oct 2017 - I. B. T.
Let's Think Inequality needs urgent attention, but fixation on the rich not enough
Inequality of income has become an over-heated subject in South Africa, but the country is far from alone in its battle with this problem. Statistics tells us that inequality of
25 Feb 2017 - S. W.
Economic Watch To counter Trump-ideology, ditch GDP-obsession
The election of Donald Trump may have come as a cold shower, but it was to be expected in a world that’s increasingly frustrated with a profit obsessed globalised
16 Feb 2017 - L. F.
Property & Wealth Wealth gap debate – some balance called for
Globally, and especially domestically, the inequality gap in wealth distribution has become a hot subject of public discourse – mostly one-side and maybe it is time for some
15 Feb 2017 - E. v. B.
Education Watch Deepening inequality is the high price students will pay for free education
 University students have scored some massive victories since “fees must fall” entered South Africa’s lexicon. They have secured more government
12 Feb 2016
Food Security Food insecurity is a reality for millions of South Africans in informal settlements
Up to 70% of households in South Africa’s informal settlements skip meals or eat the same meal on most days. The breadwinners also regularly struggle to provide meals or
15 Oct 2015
Racial transformation in South Africa Report finds some solid progress since 1994
While glaring inequalities in the socio-economic position of races still exist in South Africa nearly 20 years after the country’s first fully democratic elections, there
23 Sep 2013 - P. C.
Brazilian protests hold lessons for South Africa The uncomfortable truth of being a Brics member
It all started with mass protests, riots or uprisings in Africa, the Arab world, Southern Europe, and more recently in Turkey and Malaysia. Many of these are calling for regime changes.
24 Jun 2013 - S. T.
Broad support versus minority left-wing objections National Development Plan to focus on jobs and elimination of poverty
This week we analyse the substantial support that exists for South Africa’s long-term plan, which must guide its future development with the key focus on growth, jobs and elimination of poverty and inequality.
18 Jun 2013 - S. T.

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