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Property & Wealth Election results positioned property market for massive injection
The results of the recent local government election did not only register a huge swing away from the ANC under Zuma’s leadership, but was also a manifestation of the
13 Aug 2016 - E. v. B.
Nkandla Watch Nkandla not Zuma’s property, should he pay?
The Nkandla residence, where President Jacob Zuma and his family live, does not belong to them, does not render bond security to them and is rented on their behalf by the
08 Jul 2016 - P. C.
Final Word A reprimand or not a reprimand – what’s in a word?
The letters of “reprimand” by President Jacob Zuma to three cabinet ministers “do not constitute a reprimand by any normal understanding of the word”. This
29 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Final Word Zuma not taxed for wasting/stealing ‘our taxes’?
President Zuma will not be taxed for at best wasting, or at worst stealing, ‘our taxes’ if he is allowed to get away scot-free after using taxpayers’ money on
22 Apr 2016
Zuma Watch A new, post-Zuma, South Africa, is emerging
The quantum shifts presently taking place in the South African body politic are about much more than Jacob Zuma, Nkandla or even Guptagate. It is about correcting a much deeper
10 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Dodgy Business The Panama Papers and the South African connection
The revelations in the Panama Papers are echoing around the world, with some of those echoes coming from South Africa.  The Panama Papers opened a can of worms with
09 Apr 2016 - G. C.
Let's Think Dysfunctional ANC proves folly of centralised power
The governing ANC’s internal governance model of strong centralised power has it in deep trouble and puts the country’s political stability in grave danger. Failing to
07 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Nkandla Judgement Nkandla fallout: The good, bad, ugly and the dangerous
The Constitutional Court’s (CC) judgement last week on the Nkandla affair and its fallout has so many implications that it can hardly be summarised otherwise than as a
03 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Constitutional Watch Zuma exit strategy started as Constitution wins in court
Team Zuma had a bad day in court last week as signs are mounting that the ANC has embarked on an exit strategy for him. The virtual admission in the Constitutional Court (CC) last
13 Feb 2016 - P. C.
Corruption Watch Anatomy of corruption – problem will not disappear with Zuma
 If President Jacob Zuma leaves office tomorrow, corruption will not slip out the back door with him. It is way too deeply interwoven with our political economy for
13 Feb 2016 - P. C.

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