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Security Watch State Security: Cabinet shuffle a chance missed?
Nine years of Zuma-administration has left the ministry of State Security in shambles, but will the new minister be up to the challenge? Under Jacob Zuma’s administration
27 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Budget Watch Was it a Zuma, or Ramaphosa Budget?
Would the national budget, introduced on Wednesday, have been substantially different if Mr. Jacob Zuma was still the president of South Africa? The answer to this question is
22 Feb 2018 - I. B. T.
Constitutional Watch Hurricane Zupta might not be the last political storm
The South African constitution has weathered a hurricane called Zupta quite well, but is not out of danger yet by a long shot. The ’cold front’ that caused the storm
22 Feb 2018 - I. B. T.
Land Reform Watch Is expropriation really needed for land reform?
If not managed properly Cyril Ramaphosa’s promises of “land expropriation without compensation” could become South Africa’s biggest constitutional crisis
22 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Final Word Zuma receiving what his name predicts
Mr. Jacob Zuma as a proud traditionalist, should not be surprised that his own party wants him to resign as president – he was warned at birth. While much of Africa’s
13 Feb 2018 - P. C.
South Africa watch ANC in disarray, SA in dangerous spot
The chances that the ANC, and its alliance, will survive the Zuma era in one piece are fast diminishing. The when, and how of Mr. Jacob Zuma’s exit from the Presidency is,
07 Feb 2018 - P. C.

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