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SACP Watch - Opinion SACP goes in alone: Will they survive?
Breaking away from its usual strategy of acting as a parasite in the Tripartite Alliance, relying on its more successful cousin, the ANC, for appointments and power, the SACP
23 Jul 2017
ANC Watch ANC grinding ‘machine’ threatening stability
The ANC has become a machine of endless wheels within in wheels, out of control, grinding itself to pulp and threatening the country’s
12 Apr 2017 - P. C.
Poitical Watch SACP preparing on organised labour platform for ANC disintegration?
As signs are mounting that the ANC, or at least its governing alliance, is on the verge of disintegration, the South African Communist Party (SACP) looks like it is preparing for
16 Sep 2016 - T. I. B. t.
Political Watch Zuma might have done SA a huge favour – in the long run
As signs mount that divergent political parties can cooperate on shared issues, the prospect for future coalition politics in South Africa is fast improving. Since February 2014,
09 May 2016 - S. W.
Let's Think B-BBEE codes become a bureaucratic nightmare
The latest draft amended code for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in the transport sector will create a bureaucratic nightmare in a 180º about-turn from the
14 Apr 2016 - P. C.
Political Watch How long can ANC alliance survive, and at what cost?
Unity in the ANC’s governing alliance is increasingly precarious, posing serious threats to the party and to the stability in the country. The latest signs that unity in the
29 Jan 2016 - P. C.
Political Watch Why South Africa is primed for fundamental political realignment
As popular protests soar amid unmet expectations in South Africa, the historical partnership between the country’s powerful labour movement and the governing ANC has
27 Sep 2015
Governance Watch Humpty Dumpty time has arrived for governing alliance
The governing alliance, led by the ANC, which has played a crucial role in South Africa’s peaceful transition to democracy, is broken and the realignment of the political
18 Jul 2015 - P. C.
Final Word Alliance politics a bit like a marriage of convenience
The politics in and around South Africa’s ‘governing alliance’ have pretty much dominated the local news of late, invoking some curiosity and questions. Where do
17 Jul 2015 - P. C.
Political Watch Governing alliance summit – the background
The week-long summit of the governing alliance is done, the post-summit issued and the season now open for commentators to have their say. The summit, held on the initiative of
03 Jul 2015

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