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Water Crisis South Africa is failing to rise to its water challenges
A country like South Africa, where rainfall is variable and unpredictable, has to plan for the worst. Specifically, it has to plan to manage the impacts of drought. For cities,
20 Nov 2015
Let's Think State of the Nation – what nation?
On Thursday 12 February South Africans will be listening to President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), if allowed by Eskom and the Economic Freedom Fighters
05 Feb 2015 - P. C.
Political Watch Is citizen’s revolt on its way to a full blown revolution?
As South Africa is moving towards its general election somewhere in April or May this year, there should be concern about the real relevance of conventional party politics while a
03 Feb 2014 - P. C.
Bekkersdal a tragedy in waiting Will latest plan follow non-implementation of predecessors?
Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane’s announcement of a intergovernmental “task team” to deal with the problems of the protest- ridden Bekkersdal settlement at
30 Oct 2013 - P. C.
Investor Perspectives Is South Africa sliding backwards or making progress?
Neither the general media picture, painted over the past five months, of South Africa as a country on a slide nor government's spin on its own Development Indicators Report (DIR)
23 Aug 2013 - S. T.
South African inequalities Unfulfilled hopes of the majority are fuelling frustration
Since the end of apartheid, South Africa has made progress toward establishing a more equitable society, but there have also been failings.
11 Mar 2013 - P. C.
Escalating protests Rising revolutionary climate building in South Africa
The incidence of protests in South Africa continues to grow. In line with global trends it is creating a dangerous revolutionary climate.
05 Feb 2013 - P. C. S. T.
Service delivery protests Non-delivery more symptom than cause
As the cost of service delivery protests -- in lives and in monetary terms – is spiralling, 2012 is set to become the year with the highest number of delivery-linked protests since 1994.
29 Aug 2012 - P. C.

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