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South Africa Watch ANC is South Africa’s biggest source of fake news
It has become virtually impossible for the South African media to not disseminate fake news when reporting on the country’s political scene. Beset by factionalism, two
14 Feb 2018 - P. C.
SA Governance - Opinion South Africa on verge of failed state status
Waiting ad infinitum last week for final word on President Zuma’s departure from office, Friday’s news, contained two hardly noticed items illustrating how close to
14 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Political Watch SONA 2018 more a test for Ramaphosa than for Zuma
The State of the Nation Address at next week’s opening of parliament is building up to being more a test for Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa than for President Jacob
31 Jan 2018 - P. C.
South Africa Watch South Africa’s #DairyCow mirror’s Brazil’s Operation Car Wash
There are frightening similarities between Brazil’s Operation Car Wash corruption scandal, and events in South Africa’s which is fast becoming the #DairyCow
23 Jan 2018 - I. B. T.
Zuma Watch Zuma’s departure: Recall or Exit Plan?
Not the if, but the when, and the how, of Jacob Zuma vacating the position of President of country has become the most important take-away from of the ANC’s 54th national
21 Dec 2017 - P. C.
Africa Watch A year of illusions: five things we learnt about democracy in Africa in 2017
The last twelve months have been a confusing time for African democracy. We have seen coups that didn’t look like coups and elections that didn’t look like elections.
18 Dec 2017 - N. C.
South Africa Watch Can the ANC government survive its present crisis?
As the drive for a deepening of South Africa’s democracy picks up momentum the ANC might be serving its last term as governing party. While there is a fixation on the
04 Dec 2017 - I. B. T.
Let's Think ANC leadership election: Loser as important as the winner
The final weeks of the runup to the ANC’s elective conference have been dominated by internal disputes and wide-spread confusion, which can be expected to last for some time
02 Dec 2017 - P. C.
State Rot The unsettling tale of South Africa’s descent
South Africa has just produced two must-read thrillers. They are non-fiction, yet are as gripping and readable as any page-turner, telling the same story at two government
11 Nov 2017
Let's Think Banning old SA Flag will be counter productive
If calls for banning the old flag are answered, it will no longer be a cloth not worth our time, but it will become a martyr for freedom. There’s a pervasive and absurd
10 Nov 2017

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