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Southern Africa Watch Similar political dramas playing out in South Africa and Zimbabwe
In recent weeks there have been remarkable parallels between political events in South Africa and its northern neighbour Zimbabwe. The trend continues. In both South Africa and
22 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Africa Watch Namibia: A neighbor in trouble
Contrary to popular perception all is not as rosy in Namibia as most commentators believe, and the country is in an economic crisis. While it is a challenge to keep track with all
07 Feb 2018 - G. C.
Southern Africa Watch Winds of change blowing in Southern Africa
New stewardship in three Southern African countries is promising a regional break from the past and fighting corruption. In much the same way as South Africa, a new Angolan
29 Jan 2018 - G. C.
Africa Watch Mugabe-departure: Quo Vadis Africa?
Now ex-President Robert Mugabe’s desperately efforts at age 93 to stay in power in Zimbabwe once again brought home the truth that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It
26 Nov 2017 - G. C.
Zimbabwe Watch Zimbabwe creates a second chance for democracy
The dramatic events of the last week in Zimbabwe once again showed that in politics a week can be a very long time and change the fortunes of people and individuals forever. Like
20 Nov 2017 - G. C.
Southern Africa Watch Democracy on trial at upcoming political conferences
Two crucial party political conferences are set to change Southern Africa’s the political landscape significantly. While 2017 might be winding down but politically the
11 Nov 2017 - G. C.
Southern Africa Watch Southern Africa’s turmoil threats mount
Despite some recent positive developments, the general picture of the current state of play in the Southern Africa region is cause for caution. Punch drunk from the recent torrent
25 Jun 2017 - G. C.
Africa Watch Zambia’s election a test for democracy
Zambia’s reputation of being one of Africa's most stable democracies has been under threat in recent years. The recent election could be crucial for Zambia’s
13 Aug 2016 - G. C.
Zimbabwe Watch
The response of Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe to challenges to his leadership is, in many ways, similar to that of his former friend and ally, the Romanian dictator Nicolae
06 Aug 2016 - G. C.
Africa Watch Lesotho – another litmus test for troubled SADC
The countries in Southern Africa are facing an array of pressing problems, many self-inflicted, as attested by the situation in Lesotho. As turmoil and uncertainty escalate in
30 Jun 2016

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