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Constitutional Watch ANC’s inability to separate party and state still threatens democracy
South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC), glossed over the causes of what nearly degenerated into a political crisis following its momentary affray with former
27 Feb 2018
Final Word Guptas – from imperialists to emigrants
The now famous – or infamous – Guptas started out as Goppti in Sanskrit, meaning ‘protector’ or ‘governor,’ only to degenerate into a slang
27 Feb 2018 - P. C.
Constitutional Watch Hurricane Zupta might not be the last political storm
The South African constitution has weathered a hurricane called Zupta quite well, but is not out of danger yet by a long shot. The ’cold front’ that caused the storm
22 Feb 2018 - I. B. T.
Governance Watch Why it took so long to move on state capturers
At last SA’s prosecuting authorities moved in on alleged state capturers, but why has it taken so long? The Asset Forfeiture Unit of South Africa’s National
23 Jan 2018
Corruption Watch South Africa’s not so secure state security service
Tightening applicable legislation, regulations, and procedures will only strengthen the fight against corruption and state capture if, and when law enforcers tighten-up their own
10 Dec 2017 - G. C.
Social Stability Social grants pose the greatest threat to social stability
Ensuring that social grant payments take place after 1 April next year should be declared a national priority before it becomes a national disaster. April 1, 2018 is when the
18 Nov 2017 - R. v. N.
Final Word The tale of two Jacobs, their sons, and taxes
There was once a man called Jacob whose son Joseph was responsible for the first recorded introduction of tax. Thousands of years later another Jacob’s, son would also have
17 Nov 2017 - P. C.
Let's Think ANC needs to close the Zuma series or be the final victim
Yet another real life political story hit South African book shelves last week in the Zuma horror series, with state capture as central theme. The ANC might become the final
17 Nov 2017 - P. C.
State Capture Guptas ‘poor cousins’ of real state capture by Russians
The haste with which the Zuma administration is attempting to lock South Africa into a mega nuclear power build programme should have the state capture alarm bells ringing louder
12 Nov 2017 - I. B. T.
Zuma Watch Russian hedge their bets – Zuma recall might happen
There is a real and strong possibility that President Jacob Zuma’s term in office will end in a month’s time – recalled by the African National Congress. This is
12 Nov 2017 - I. B. T.

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Final Word

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