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Africa Watch Africa must take on the challenge in 2018
Politically and economically Africa is on the move, but acceleration is possible if some of the challenges are met head on. Looking ahead Africa will be challenged on many fronts
09 Jan 2018 - G. C.
Africa Watch A year of illusions: five things we learnt about democracy in Africa in 2017
The last twelve months have been a confusing time for African democracy. We have seen coups that didn’t look like coups and elections that didn’t look like elections.
18 Dec 2017 - N. C.
SADC Watch Zimbabwe – has AU and SADC redemption started?
The AU and SADC have historically been reluctant to act against misbehaving heads of state – recent events in Zimbabwe might signal the start of a turn around. Over the
03 Dec 2017 - G. C.
ANC Watch ANC, not Zuma, should learn from Zimbabwe
President Jacob Zuma was the instrument through which state capture was executed, corruption spread like a rampaging virus having the economy in need of intensive care, but he is
27 Nov 2017 - I. B. T.
Africa Watch Mugabe-departure: Quo Vadis Africa?
Now ex-President Robert Mugabe’s desperately efforts at age 93 to stay in power in Zimbabwe once again brought home the truth that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It
26 Nov 2017 - G. C.
Zimbabwe Watch Zimbabwe creates a second chance for democracy
The dramatic events of the last week in Zimbabwe once again showed that in politics a week can be a very long time and change the fortunes of people and individuals forever. Like
20 Nov 2017 - G. C.
Economic Watch Ugly face of radical economic transformation
Globally economies are in transition, and in need of transformation, but the solution proposed by a top SA government adviser represents the ugly face of ‘radical economic
08 May 2017 - I. T.
Political Economy - Opinion South Africa emulating the Zimbabwe template?
The unfolding political and economic developments in South Africa is showing signs of edging ever closer to a Zimbabwe scenario as the president and the ruling party comes under
09 Apr 2017 - G. C.
Media Watch How social media and human nature have spawned hoaxes and hate-mongering
Social media is increasingly influencing the way we consume news and has already produced an epidemic of misinformation, hoaxes and hate-mongering that threatens the vision of an
17 Jan 2017
Africa Watch Mugabe’s image takes a serious knock in Africa
Analysts say President Robert Mugabe’s decision to cling on to power despite his advanced age and his country’s waning fortunes has now stretched his South African
07 Oct 2016 - G. C.

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